[Nov/21/2015] Otogi Cafe Vol.2 – updated on Oct/07/2015

[Mar/29/2015] Otogi Cafe Vol.1 – updated on Mar/16/2015

[Dec/19/2014] Acoustic Christmas – updated on Dec/20/2014


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[otogi-013] Vêtements d'hiver – released on Dec/23/2015
– personal work by Eknoh New!! Pickup!

[otogi-012] Lucis cultus – released on Dec/16/2015
– personal work by Eknoh New!! Pickup!

[otogi-011] TORIKAGO – released on Nov/17/2015
– Compilation EP feauturing comfort/healing sound of guitar

[otogi-010] Chiheisen e (to the horizen) – released on Aug/01/2015
– personal work by AXVXA

[otogi-009] Ame no Kuni (rainy land) – released on Jul/01/2015
– Compilation album

[otogi-008] anthology – released on Apr/29/2015
– Compilation album

[otogi-007] Katachi – released on Apr/04/2015
– personal work by Toramaru

[otogi-006] Aru Ichinichi (an ordinary day) – released on Mar/21/2015
– personal work by nobutaka daigo

[otogi-005]ALDEBARAN – released on Mar/05/2015
– Compilation album

[otogi-004] Kitsunebi – released on Dec/31/2014
– Compilation album

[otogi-003] Yukoku no Madobe (in the twilight, by the window) – released on Oct/25/2015
– Compilation album

[otogi-002]summer’s end – released on Aug/31/2014
– Compilation album

○ Website Renewal!! (from Tumbler to WordPress) - on Aug/26/2014

for GAKUTEN 2014 – released on Aug/09/2014

[otogi-001] Tanabata – released on Jul/07/2014
– Compilation album
What is Tanabata?

[otogi-000] Kage o Nazoru (tracing shadow) – released on May/17/2014
– 1st compilation album from Otogi no Mori

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